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  • Beauty

    10 Beauty Products I Don’t Cheat On

    I know a good thing while I have it. Having flawless makeup starts with great brushes and products that are super blendable and do exactly what you envision them doing. Too often we will…

  • Beauty

    Kiss Dry, Matte Lips, GOODBYE!

    Matte lips are all the rage right now. (Thanks, Kylie). I’ll be the first to admit that I’m completely obsessed and possibly even need professional help breaking my addiction. But while matte liquid lipstick…

  • Advice + Thoughts

    Dear Past Me

    Here’s the thing about pasts. They don’t really exist. I’ve done a lot of thinking about the notion that people are victims of their pasts or chained by the idea that they are the…

  • Beauty

    Help Me I’m Pore:

    OMG, pores. If I could choose one of the most frustrating things about makeup I would choose the existence of pores. On myself and others! I’ve tried everything! I know many of you have…

  • Advice + Thoughts

    Get to Know ME!

    What did you want to be when you were younger?   I really wanted to have a magazine! I used to always be so fascinated with beautiful ads of makeup and clothing. I would…