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No but, WHO are you?! Self Discovery Points

Wow it seems like self-discovery should definitely be something we are just born with and I need to know why that’s not a thing. Like, why can’t we be born just knowing ourselves?! I mean, it’s OURSELVES after all, amirite? But honestly, life is constantly forcing us to grow and adapt. Who I was 10, 5, even last year is totally different from who I am today (thankfully!) But how do you know who you are? It goes beyond the simple stuff.

Missing the point:

“Hi, I’m Britt. I like puppies, traveling, and helping people see themselves in the best light. I dislike gossip, war, and eating meat.” Those are very shallow and factual, but they don’t really mean I know myself.

Knowing myself is:

Hi, I’m Britt. I like puppies, because I love how sweet and cuddly they are. Their eyes seriously melt me. However, I don’t have a puppy because I know that with my schedule and responsibilities, I cannot prioritize another life right now in the form of a child, or even a cute pupper. I also like traveling because I innately believe that we were born with feet, not roots, because we were meant to move around and explore. What an amazing earth we get to inhabit. I am at awe of the beauty around me. I love helping people see themselves in the best light because I wasn’t always able to see myself as my best self, and I wish I had had this blog when I so desperately needed it.

I don’t love gossip, because it says so much about the person’s character who negatively talks about other people. I believe that “great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, and small minds discuss people.” I don’t believe that using your word to negatively speak about someone is a good use of spoken word. I dislike war because I genuinely wish for peace. I wish people could see one another as we see ourselves, so that we could all be egalitarian. I also don’t eat land animals because I value all lives, and don’t believe that an animal should have to die just so that I can eat. There are plenty of other things for me to eat (insert: mac and cheese, honey!)

Ready for a challenge?

Okay not like a really challenging challenge. Just say yes. My “challenge” for you is to write down all the facts. Love a Netflix series? Why? Love to work out? Why? Love to eat donuts? Why? I think once you get all the facts, find. your. why. The why will be there when everything else is stripped away! The why is who you really are! The why is this season. We will have another season. And hopefully then another. We are always growing and learning and evolving and that is so cool to me. So who are you right now? Who do you want to be? Act like who you want to be.


Love and Light.


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