8 Skincare Products You Need to Try Before You Turn 30

I’ll be the very first to admit that skin care hasn’t been at the top of my to-do list for most of my life. I’ve been the prime example of not-drinking-enough-water and how-bad-can-sleeping-in-my-makeup-actually-be? How annoying to wake up to big pores and breakouts and blame it on everything else but yourself. I mean it’s been raining so that’s probably it, right? Wrong. You have to eat, drink, wash, and moisturize for great skin. And great makeup starts with great skin.


Once I walked into Sephora and an employee came up to me to compliment my makeup. Thanks, girl. But she wasn’t done. She asked, “How do you take it off?” I was stunned. No one had ever asked me that question. What I did–or didn’t do, rather– in the dark, had finally come to light. “I use those Neutrogena makeup wipes sometimes,” I hesitantly admitted. That’s the moment it all changed for me. She took me to the skincare section in a jog. Ok, she wasn’t jogging… but she was power walking, okay? She introduced me to the “double cleanse” concept, a light chemical peel, and a great moisturizer. When I tell you my skin changed… MAN!


So, different things work for different people. We have different skin types! So, don’t think what works for me will necessarily be your same skin savior. However, I will tell you to jog (or power walk) to your nearest department store or Sephora and let a professional help you decide what your particular skin type needs and just do it. Before I tell you what I use, I’ll just leave you with the knowledge bomb my mystery skin care angel at Sephora left me with. “It doesn’t matter if you put a $100 foundation on an apple or an orange. One is smooth and one is pore-y. It’s the canvas that’s most important—not the makeup.” Mind. Blown.


I have combination/oily skin


My nighttime routine:


Neutrogena makeup remover cleansing towelettes (Night Calming) – $6

Ole Henriksen Pure Truth melting cleanser – $34

First Aid Beauty Pure Skin face cleanser – $20

Boscia exfoliating peel gel (I only use this twice per week) – $34

Tidal Sunday Riley Moisturizer – $65


My morning routine:


First Aid Beauty Pure Skin face cleanser – $20

Tidal Sunday Riley Moisturizer – $65

Ole Henricksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster – $48


Show me your glowing skin after you go through your skin care routine! And share any products that you just can’t live without! I’m always up for trying new things! Be sure to tag me in your nude…face selfie 😉 so I can see your radiant skin! I’ll leave cute emojis in your comments. @brittmoses on IG and @britt_moses on Twitter.


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