10 Beauty Products I Don’t Cheat On

I know a good thing while I have it. Having flawless makeup starts with great brushes and products that are super blendable and do exactly what you envision them doing. Too often we will settle for a product we don’t like, just because we think 1) it’s the best we can get, or 2) that we aren’t talented enough in makeup to make it work out the way we envision, or (finally), the thought of dropping major dollars on one product is daunting. Let me tell you, great makeup is totally worth the investment. My best advice is to build your collection slowly. This isn’t your typical Target run where you can get all these products and still have money left for a bag of popcorn before you leave the store. You’ll need to get one or two products at a time and build consistently. I promise you, they will last so long, and you’ll notice that it was really never your makeup talent, but the makeup that makes the biggest difference. I’ve decided to give you a list of products that I’m married to. By “married,” I mean that I don’t cheat on them, and I repurchase them over and over and over again. They are my Holy Grail products and brushes. Everything else I’ll play and experiment with, but when it comes to these products, I’m obsessed and in love! I think you’ll love them too! Write me. Let me know what your Holy Grails are, so I can try them out! J


Estee Lauder Double Wear (needs hyperlink)

Ok, so this is the best foundation that was ever made IMO. What I look for in a foundation is something that is medium-to-full coverage, and will last all day, without getting oily or breaking up on my face (omg, have you ever looked in the mirror and your foundation was like… off of your nose? Time to go home and cry!). I’m a simple girl. I don’t ask for too much (cue halo). But this foundation always delivers for me. I’ve cheated a couple of times and always regret it and come back home.


Laura Mercier Translucent Powder

This product has the right colors to set my undereye and face. I know I said colors and this is quote-unquote translucent, but when you bake with it, it leaves a cast of color behind. Some brands use yellow (banana) undertones for powders and others use pink undertones, but Laura Mercier is perfect.


Whirl Lipliner by MAC


OMG, the Holy Grail lip liner. You can literally use this shade every day with so many different lipsticks! I used to wear this all the time by itself, but then they came out with a Whirl lipstick… I still like my liner color better. It’s the same, supposedly, but I’m not the only one who says they like the liner better. Anyway, get this. But only get one because if I go to MAC and they are sold out of this I blame you guys.



Nars ITA brush for contour


So, you think you can’t contour? You make me laugh. You probably haven’t tried the NARS ITA brush. It’s stupid expensive for a brush and it’ll hurt your feelings to buy it, but I promise you that when you try it, you’re going to be obsessed. You just have to do the tiniest amount of work and boom, you’re cute or whatever.



Tarte Shape Tape Concealer


If you haven’t tried this, I only have one question: How’s the rock you’ve been living under? Haha. Guys, it’s just so good. So good, in fact, that I don’t even want to try another concealer because it already know I’m going to be disappointed. It covers up all the darkness under my eyes and leaves them bright and youthful. This one is a no-brainer.



Beauty Blender


This tool is everything! Please remember to wet it (Kayla) and then squeeze out the excess water so that it’s just bouncy. Put a little liquid foundation on your face and bounce away. Why stop there? I use my Blender for highlight, concealer, and cream contour too!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer and Brow Wiz


Have you ever seen someone’s eyebrows that were on, but they were off on the color? Like either, they were too dark, too light, or too warm or cool? Finding the right eyebrow color can be a drag, but ABH has real-life colors that make this a little easier. I notice some less expensive brands having not-true-to-life colors to choose from, and the ease of use is off, making the product hard to look right. I also prefer the pencils (wiz and definer) to the pomade, but I know people who live and die for ABH pomade. So that’s up to you.


MAC Paint Pot in Painterly


I just love this stuff because the color is right for me, (undertone wise) and it makes a beautiful canvas for my eyeshadow to be placed. The colors show up truer to color and the overall look is more flawless because you can’t see your skin and veins through the shadow. Who wants that? It’s literally a 2-second step. I would do it.


Kiss Lashes: 11


These lashes are perfect for the “oh, these are my natural lashes, I literally have had long lashes since I was a baby. I just wear a good mascara,” girls. They look like your lashes only better. I don’t like these with eyeliner really. But for a simple look where long lashes are the staple, definitely, go with KISS 11.


Pillow Talk lipstick by Charlotte Tilbury


Ok, so if you’re on a budget you don’t have to get this because it’s super not necessary. But one day, I was sad, so I went to Charlotte Tilbury’s website and bought myself Pillow Talk and sent a gift note that said “to you from you. Love,” and I felt good about this. It’s a perfect color. Like your lips but better, ya know?


Time to share with me! I want to know what you absolutely cannot live without! Write me on Twitter @britt_moses or tag me in your pics on IG! @brittmoses I want to know what you’d cry about if they stopped making it. 😉


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