Kiss Dry, Matte Lips, GOODBYE!

Matte lips are all the rage right now. (Thanks, Kylie). I’ll be the first to admit that I’m completely obsessed and possibly even need professional help breaking my addiction. But while matte liquid lipstick is gorgeous, it looks less than flattering on dry lips. In fact, it can accentuate the cracks and make them look even worse. So here are my few, simple, steps to perfect matte lips.


  1. Scrub! You can do this a few ways. Some people will just take their toothbrush after they brush their teeth and just run it over their lips to buff them. I personally don’t do this because it’s a little gross to me (unless I had a whole other toothbrush to buff my lips with, in which case, I’m ok with that.) But I personally like to use a lip scrub! My favorite is “popcorn” by Lush Cosmetics. You can literally lick it right off if you want, but I like to just take a warm washcloth and wipe it off so that I get a little extra buffing action with the cloth. Jeffree Star also makes a super fancy lip scrub, and it doesn’t cost that much actually. Most lip scrubs that you buy have amazing oils in them that aid in moisturizing the lips as you scrub off any dead skin.
  2. Moisturize! The level of moisture really depends on your individual needs. I love using a honey-based moisturizer on my lips right after, and then letting it sit on my lips until it’s time for lipstick application, then I wipe it off right before. I love Lush “honey trap” lip balm. Or you could actually just use plain honey right out of the cute little bear-shaped bottle. Honey has mega moisturizing power but I find that if I use plain honey I just lick it off because yum. Also feel free to use regular Chapstick here. Vaseline or coconut oil can also be coated on the lips and left to sit, but please remember to wipe it off before applying the matte lipstick. Otherwise, a heavy moisturizer can cause the lipstick to separate and not dry down to a matte finish, which is the ultimate goal, here, right?
  3. Before bed, make sure that you’re also coating your lips with a moisturizer. Especially in the fall and winter months, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t have wind chapped or cracked lips. It’s painful and just not cute. I’m a moisturizer fiend so I moisturize my body, face, hair, and lips every day. It’s a good habit to form, and your skin and lips will thank you!


Try out some of these techniques! Even if you don’t like matte lips, you can do these steps to just have soft lips that look plumper because they aren’t dry. Tag me in your posts of you wearing matte lips after doing these tips so I can see and leave you cute emojis in your comment section. @brittmoses on IG and @britt_moses on twitter.


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