Help Me I’m Pore:

OMG, pores. If I could choose one of the most frustrating things about makeup I would choose the existence of pores. On myself and others! I’ve tried everything! I know many of you have too because I get questions about it all the time. Everyone always wants to know how to be poreless, flawless, porcelain dolls. It’s me. I’m everyone. But seriously, I don’t know many people who live and die to have huge pores. Unfortunately, your pore size has a lot to do with your genetics (thanks, Mom and Dad), but there are a few ways we can care for our skin and make the pore sizes seem smaller. As a makeup artist, I think a canvas is easiest to work with when the finished product looks flawless. Here are my top industry tips for HELPING you achieve a little less visible pores in the finished look.


  1. Steam!

Steamy hot washrags, or just put your face over boiling water. It works; just don’t put the boiling water on your face. Not that I have to tell you that. You’re a smart person. Why it helps: Steam opens your pores and allows you to really get in there when you…


  1. Wash your face!

That’s right. Just like water and coconut oil, washing your face is another one of that end-all be-alls in the universe. Why it helps: Washing your face removes dirt, oils, makeup, and grime that collect on your face throughout the day. When you don’t wash your face thoroughly every night, what you’ll find is that the pores become open with gunk and in turn appear larger. Gotta take care of your skin! If you don’t know what products to use, I have a blog about skincare right here:

  1. Ice!

Literally ice. Out of the freezer.  I know I just said steam but it’s not one after the other. Before makeup is when I like to do this! They make ice rollers for your face, and I’ll probably buy one, but for now, literal ice (wrapped in a towel if you can’t deal.) Why it helps: Just like steam and warm washrags open your pores (think: facial), ice helps to close them. When cooled, your pores will close up like me trying to get to know a guy at first. Not relevant. Next.


  1. Exfoliation!

The rough stuff. Whether you exfoliate with something with beads, grounds (this Ole Henricksen walnut scrub is bae), or more chemical (obviously, I can’t live without you, Boscia), it’s important to sloth off all the dead skin. Why it helps: Resurfacing your skin with gentle exfoliation can help cell turnover and prevent your pores from getting clogged, and appearing bigger.


  1. Sunscreen!

SPF is so obvious. Why it helps: protect your collagen and elasticity of the skin by applying sunscreen daily. I don’t like a lot of sunscreens because I find they make me oily, so I opt to use a foundation with a little in it. However, if you don’t wear foundation, use your sunscreen, sis. Then thank me later.


  1. Masks!

I love me a good mask. Charcoal masks are PHENOM for reducing pore size, and I also used an amazing Clinique mask once and I was shook from the results of it. I was like “what pores!?” for like a day and a half. Why it helps: masks allow you to have a deeper experience with a product by allowing it to sit on your skin for a designated amount of time and washing it off with a warm rag. Masks that help clean out your pores and tighten them are my kind of masks. Insert heart eyes emoji.


I’m really curious as to what some of your secrets are! Drop me a comment on IG or Snap: @brittmoses or Twitter: @britt_moses.


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