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  1. What did you want to be when you were younger?


I really wanted to have a magazine! I used to always be so fascinated with beautiful ads of makeup and clothing. I would just stare at the art of a beautiful photograph and I had this manila folder full of magazine clippings. So one day I got out my art set (you know which one. I think we all had one lol) and I created B. Leigh’s makeup and style magazine! I would even list all the names of the colors on the side like they did in Vogue and Cosmo.


  1. How do you relax?


I love a good relaxing playlist (I made one on Apple Music) and a glass of wine. I also just love to sit with my thoughts and emotions in daily meditations. That gives me such a sense of calm.


  1. What are you most proud of?


Starting my blog. I got my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees but my blog has given me such purpose.


  1. What are you most afraid of?


My biggest fear is people not loving me anymore once they know me. I also hate snakes.


  1. What qualities do you admire in others?


Honesty. I appreciate hard truths. I also love people who are effortless in their being. Just genuinely dope people who have good hearts. Those are my people. Are you my people?


  1. If you could change the world, what’s the first thing you’d change?


Are we talking realistically or in another world? I just wish everyone was aligned with love. I believe people operate out of only two sectors: love and fear. Fear causes things like worry, hatred, resentment, anger, etc. If everyone could switch all fears back over to the core of love, the world would be a much better place.


  1. If you had a daughter, what would you tell her that you wish someone told you?


This is an interesting question to me… especially because it’s dual-layered. I would tell her that she is so capable of great and amazing things and that nothing on earth is out of her reach because she is strong, smart, talented, and made in a perfect image.


  1. What would it take for you to change your relationship status from “single” to “taken?”


Oh gosh. I’d have to feel like I was finally home. Without him, I would need to feel homesick. I’d need it to be effortlessly amazing. Someone who is my best friend. He also needs to be handsome lol.


  1. Favorite subject in school and why?


I lived and breathed for English! I still do. It was always my favorite subject in high school, then I got my two degrees at U.K. in English. I’m so in love with words and how powerful and beautiful they are. They evoke emotion and tell stories and make you think. They can inspire the best and worst in people.


  1. Who inspires you and why?


People who read my blogs inspire me. Nothing in this world gives me the feeling of connecting with people on deeper levels because you took time out of your short life to spend reading my words. I can’t even express the inspiration that gives me. Also, badass women who are unapologetically themselves inspire me. Successful people who overcame adversity also inspire me.  Future me inspires me too.


  1. Biggest pet peeve?


Dawgggg. I hate when people eat hibachi before all the food is on the plate. I also cannot deal when someone is saying something important and someone else won’t let him or her finish. And slow drivers.


  1. Least favorite household chore?


Laundry. I don’t know why but I loathe it.


  1. What’s one song you could listen to non-stop?


Yellow by Coldplay.


  1. What’s your biggest goal in life?


To wake up one day, living in my truth.


  1. Describe your ideal day.


Wake up on my own. Go work out. Brunch. Obvi. Then a hike. Maybe go home and write a poem or create a blog post or piece of art. Bubble bath.


  1. What’s your favorite place in the world?


In nature. Runner-up is for sure my couch lol


  1. Why do you call girls “sis” all the time?


I’m actually really glad this one was in my DMs. I see girls as my equals and as my sisters on this planet. I believe that women need women to empower and lift them up to be their best selves. I want all girls to know that I have their back and I genuinely love and support them, without condition. “Sis” is my affirmation to every girl, any girl, and all girls.


  1. What do you look for in a friend?


I didn’t know the meaning of friendship until I met my current friends. They have truly raised the bar on what it means to be a friend. They are beautiful souls. They are hilarious. They encourage me. They keep it real with me and are able to tell me hard truths and they always have my back. If I’m ever half the woman they are, I’m a damn good person.


  1. Do you have a nickname?


B-Rad G, Bradley, and Brad. All from my family. HAHA! Ever seen Malibu’s Most Wanted?


  1. Have you figured out your calling in life?


YES! I’m put on Earth to inspire and empower people and to redefine beauty and what it means to be beautiful. I’m doing that with and I’m branching into other avenues too.


  1. What do you hate most about the dating process?


I don’t like getting excited about someone and realizing they weren’t being their true selves in the beginning, and being let down.


  1. Do you drink?


dO yOu DrInK? haha


  1. Favorite social media?




  1. Why’d you start a blog?

I felt it in my chest. When I feel something that deeply, I know the universe is calling me to push my limits and become greater than who I am.  I knew the blog was my future. Now I just need it to be more successful so I can make a living doing what I love to do.


  1. What’s your sign?




  1. Ever been heartbroken?


Yes of course. Sucks.


  1. How tall are you?


Barefoot: 5’7 and a half. In shoes: 5’8


  1. What’s your favorite food?


I just love good food. Right now I’m obsessed with Sushi though.


  1. What’s the best compliment someone could ever receive?


That they are a good person.


  1. What do you have a hard time with that most people find easy?


Cool Question. I don’t know if other people find this easy, but I have a hard time with certain concepts, chopsticks, and love.

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